About Us

Founded in 2019, CLASSE TECHNOLOGY GROUP PTE. LTD. (CLASSE) is a Singaporean based Fintech company that designs and develops cryptocurrency payment platforms to serve luxury segments in retail, entertainment, and travel and tourism industries. We have the three following business objectives : - To provide the cryptocurrency payment platforms to serve our merchant networks through CLASSEPay. Our digital platforms have been developed on mobile applications in both Android and iOS versions, these being the most common operating system platforms in the financial industry.

| Our Objective

  • 1
    To provide crypto currency payment system for all types of merchants for Travel & Tourism, Entertainment and Medical Industries.
  • 2
    To offer our investors the new investment solutions at a reasonable price with outstanding profits.
  • 3
    To protect, grow and sustain the digital wealth of our loyal customers.

| Road Map

The first stage aims to develop and implement the CLASSE PAY platform, which comprises the core systems; the barter trade system, the merchant services system, the wallet services system, the administration system and the APIs.


The second stage aims to support the cryptocurrency holders in finding merchants’ locations and information, as well as building hi-end crypto lifestyles and networking communities.


The third stage aims to support the crypto smart city platforms in major tourist destinations in Asia.