Crypto: digital currency will change the world

Step into 2021 Cryptocurrency or digital currency It has become widely known and continues to grow in popularity.

Because investment is risky, Therefore, research before investing is necessary.

Especially the cryptocurrency market that goes up and down like a rollercoaster. But it cannot be denied that it is because of this that many investors, or many of them, have turned into crypto investors. because it is believed that the return is better than the bank deposit.

Cryptocurrency or digital currency is a type of crypto-assets. There is a middle price that varies according to the market mechanism. It can therefore be a medium of exchange of value just like any other type of digital asset. It just doesn’t have the same physical or “tangible” characteristics as conventional currencies.

Cryptocurrency is part of everyday life?

Compare clearly. between cryptocurrency and cryptocurrencies, The two are identical in that the intangible word “digital”, the difference being that “cryptocurrency” has local currency backing and definite value. For example, Bitcoin is a new currency created by mathematical mechanics. The new currency was created to reduce the centralization of payment systems through financial institutions using blockchain technology, which has the advantages of being fast, low cost, and secure.

 What can I buy with crypto?

Many people are interested in this cryptocurrency. Would like to know that we can use crypto. How do you do it in your daily life?

Nowadays, it can be seen that we can now use digital currency to buy cars, movie tickets, houses, or condos. But more interestingly, it can also be used to pay for food, hotels, and accommodation as well. Payments can be made via ClassePay, a crypto payment platform through a mobile app that is as convenient as today’s cryptocurrencies.

In the future, cryptocurrencies will become a part of everyday life in shopping instead of cash. And it can be used worldwide without paying any rate. It is therefore important for everyone to understand these cryptocurrencies better.

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