Passive Income In Crypto

In addition to DeFi or Yield Farming, other ways can generate Passive income

Cryptocurrency has created a new digital economy that gives people new ways to earn money online. This article will learn how to make passive income with cryptocurrencies that you can start today.


Staking has become a popular way to earn interest on long-term holdings of digital asset “HODLers” as it can increase the potential return on investment portfolios.

Such as NEO (NEO), Reddcoin (RDD), or Classe (CAS) that in addition to taking stakes and receiving dividends It can also be used for everyday expenses. For example, you can earn about 5 percent annual dividends from holding this coin.

Master Node

Similar to staking, Masternode is basically a computer that stores Blockchain data and installs its software. The Masternode is responsible for transmitting transactions and connecting to other nodes. That means that in the system of Cryptocurrency that is a pattern Decentralized, the more Masternodes, the better because the system will be stronger.

Opening a Masternode takes a huge amount of capital in the famous cryptocurrency Dash Nem PIVX, and there is also a risk of cryptocurrency volatility. For example, to run a PIVX master node, only 10,000 PIVX is required (which currently costs around $15,000) and holders can earn more than 10 percent annually.

Cloud mining

It is well known that the most well-known and perhaps the most controversial method of passive income generation is through what is known as passive income generation. “Cloud Mining”

Cloud mining means renting digital currency mining hardware at a dedicated mining farm for individuals to earn mining income. cryptocurrency regularly without owning and maintaining mining hardware. in exchange for providing this service Cloud mining service providers such as Genesis Mining or HashNest charge daily maintenance fees for their cloud mining contracts.

Earn money by playing games 

1.Axie Infinity is a strategy game where you can collect, breed, or trade Axie with other players. This is a game based on Pokémon. To be ready for adventure and fight various monsters within the game.

2. Sorare is another game that footballers will love very much. This game allows you to collect football player cards to play in the game. There will be 5 players in one set, and the form of the players will depend on the form of the prototype in the real world.

3. Decentraland is a Virtual Reality platform running on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users can own virtual land on the Decentraland platform and can also take advantage of the land they have, such as exhibit NFT works on your land where you can use MANA Tokens to buy LAND Tokens that are NFTs that are used to identify land ownership within the game.

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