What is ClassePay ?

Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for online payments platform

In a convenient way to exchange Cryptocurrency to fiat currency through us automatically.

Today the world has a merchant service platform. A wide variety of cryptocurrencies such as BitPay, CoinPayment, and PundiX, among others, are available to both types of merchants. is online and offline The aim of these platforms is to support cryptocurrency holders who wish to pay for goods and services as well. Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, among others. Surveys show that we have estimated the number of holders. Cryptocurrency is estimated at 35,000,000 people worldwide and increasing steadily.

When we compare merchant service platforms Cryptocurrency total with the number of holders Cryptocurrency and approximately 50,000,000 merchants accepting credit cards worldwide. 

In fact, we do not have enough platforms to support merchants and holders. All Cryptocurrency Many merchants are ready to accept new payment methods to serve their customers.

In addition to paying with cryptocurrency, you can earn money by staking Classe tokens (CAS) on the mobile application. 

How to stake on Classe token (CAS) at application Classepay.

  1. Go to “wallet” on the Classepay app.
  2. Choose “Stake”, write the amount of token that you want to deposit.
  3. Finally, press “confirm”
  4. The deposit amount can be found on the Home page and wallet page.

Ready to pay with cryptocurrency?

If you want to choose a payment method that meets the needs of the entire store And your customers must choose “us”

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