Increase Your Business’ Growth with ClassePay

Accept crypto payment methods such as Bitcoin, Ethereum to your business.

Current Cryptocurrency It is a growing ecosystem and over the past few years, Bitcoin users and their transactions have grown on average about 60% per year.

Meanwhile, a recent survey conducted by eToro showed that over 40% of “Gen Zer online traders” seem “not very skeptical” of the performance of traditional stock markets. Compared to the digital asset market.

  • Nearly half of Gen Zer investors have more trust in crypto exchanges than US stock exchanges.
  • About 70% of millennials who participated in the eToro poll who did not trade crypto said they would start investing in crypto if institutions started giving them the option to invest in digital assets.

We can see that today and in the future, digital currencies will become more popular and used in our daily life.

Techniques to increase payment channels = increase income

Activating the service with ClassePay is not difficult at all. conveniently to exchange from cryptocurrency is a fiat currency through us automatically. There is no need to travel by yourself. Just sign up via the ClaasePay website or application and you can add sales channels to your store.
Learn more: How to pay with ClassePay 

Many stores often lose the opportunity to increase sales. The very unfortunate reason is that some customers love the product, want to buy a lot, but don’t carry cash Some people feel lazy to withdraw money. 

Did you know that our human purchase decisions? In just a split second, you can change your mind. Therefore, having multiple payment channels for our business as an option for our customers is very important to trade.

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