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Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for online payments

Because today the world has stepped into the era of technology.

Bitcoin, also known as cryptocurrencies, is increasingly playing a role in our daily lives. Notice that there are various shops. Started to support payments as well. Cryptocurrency continues to support the behavior of consumers that change according to the era.

The new currency was created to reduce the centralization of payment systems through financial institutions such as banks so that they could be distributed to users in that currency network by using blockchain technology to track the movement of money. even without intermediaries but can also prevent counterfeiting Payments/transfers are therefore only within the network. It has the advantages of being fast, low cost, and safe.

Why is it that cryptocurrencies are starting to attract attention?

The popularity of cryptocurrencies may be evident in countries where people do not trust the local currency and do not have confidence in the financial system’s stability in countries such as Venezuela, which suffered the economic crisis. Facing very high inflation of almost 1 million percent in 2018
And in early 2021, the price of Bitcoin hit 1 million baht, which has attracted many people’s attention as the value of Bitcoin has multiplied within a few years.

Using digital currency 

Currently, the use of cryptocurrencies for payment transactions is limited. But it can be noticed that more and more merchants are starting to accept digital currency payments. There are also new technologies. as a payment system, Cryptocurrency. 

Classepay has also come to create a new payment experience using Classe Token (CAS)
What is Classepay? Get to know us more here.

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