Staking - Passive Earnings in Crypto

What is a stake? just hold and earn interest. 

Staking is a familiar word that many people in the circle of cryptocurrency must have heard because it is part of the token’s system. Can be further developed firmly because there are people who have confidence in the coin in exchange for receiving interest.

What is staking? explained as follows:

You might view staking as a less resource-intensive alternative to mining. It is to hold money in a crypto wallet. To support the blockchain network in terms of security and functionality, staking is basically locking a coin in order to receive a reward or interest in return. (Each will give different returns)

What is Classepay?

ClassePay is an online payment platform with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. on mobile, a convenient way to exchange from Cryptocurrency is a fiat currency through us automatically.

How to Staking on Classepay App

Staking Classe Coins (CAS) Earn 0.2% per month on website and application Classepay.

  • Go to wallets page, select CAS
  • Press “Stake” and enter the amount you wish to deposit then press confirm all right
  • The deposit amount will show on the “Homepage” and your wallet.

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