Stock Token, Trade equity shares with crypto

Did you know that we can buy stocks with cryptocurrency?

Recently, many people are starting to hear that they can buy Tesla shares on Binance, which of course most people think it’s new. But who really knows And then this convenience began to emerge for a while. There are many websites that allow you to buy stocks with crypto. Not just through Binance, and likewise many stocks you can buy, not just Tesla.

As we’ve always said, the ‘Blockchain’ system is going to revolutionize finance and investment. But the emergence of the Stock Token may have to be rewritten as a bridge that will help attract more investors to the digital asset industry. Coinbase and share prices also reflect the growth of the digital asset industry in the eyes of older investments such as stocks.

It is necessary to explain the difference between ‘Token’ and ‘Coin’ and how they are different. Coins are created with their own blockchain systems such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It was built using other people’s blockchain systems, for example, Shushi Swap, a project running on the Ethereum blockchain. To use the Shushi Platform service, you need to use Shushi Coins to pay for the service.

In addition, tokens can be further subdivided into two types: Utility Tokens, which are tokens that are similar to reward points that are spent on projects that we use, such as Shushi, and Security Tokens, which are tokens. that behaves like securities And it is necessary to have an ‘asset’ that is used to fix the value of the token. Stock Token is a form of Security Token that is fixed by the value of stocks like Tesla and Coinbase.

Buying Token Stock, in addition to having the price that goes up and down with the value of the stock all the time. Still gives the same returns as Tesla shares in all respects. This includes dividends. It just doesn’t have the right to vote like a real stockist, and stock tokens don’t have to be traded through a broker. Therefore, there is no real service fee for trading stocks.

But what makes Stock Token so popular is that It’s about being able to buy less than 1 share on a coin basis, also known as ‘Fractional Share’. For example, to buy a minimum of $700 in real Tesla shares, you might need $700, but 0.1 Tesla Stock Tokens. If you have only 70 US dollars, you can already own Stock Token Tesla.

Of course, no one expected that in this era of blockchain and crypto technology. will play a role in our lives more like this If you want to add a digital currency payment gateway to your business. This can be done easily through Classepay, an online cryptocurrency payment platform.

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