Buy Property with Bitcoin in Thailand

“Cryptocurrencies” have started to become a trend and have gotten a lot of buzzes since Bitcoin hit $ 1 million earlier this year.

Although, much of the real estate industry has not changed much in terms of innovation over the past several decades. But it is about to change to the forefront of the adoption of blockchain technology.

The changes are about to gain more popularity. Because it is very beneficial to buyers and sellers. This will make trading faster because blockchain allows for peer-to-peer trading without banks.

It can be seen that the general public is increasingly seeing the importance of crypto and seem like an investment option. In addition, there are some trials in everyday life such as payment for various products, payment gateway platforms like Classepay, we will see many businesses open for payment by crypto. Either movie tickets or even cars, which have recently arrived in the real estate industry.

The latest, a single-detached house project called De Chiangrai in Chiang Rai Province. That comes with many intelligent technology systems. It has announced that Thais can now buy houses in the project with Bitcoin, which makes it very attractive to people today. Especially customers who already hold cryptocurrencies.

From this news, we realized that blockchain technology And cryptocurrencies are not that far away any longer.

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