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It cannot be denied that digital currency has become more attractive to the new generation and is expected to increase steadily in the future.

The impact of COVID and many other factors are driving many people now. Focus on “Cryptocurrency” digital assets in the modern world or known as “cryptocurrencies” operate on the “Blockchain” system created in 2009 by “Bitcoin” is a digital currency that Oldest. Become an alternative to the “New Normal”. These behaviors are a new way of life. Because it reduces the exposure rate, convenience, and speed with online transactions And can also be used to invest for profit as well.

Shops or businesses Differently adapt And add options Pay for hotel accommodation Air tickets, cars, etc. through crypto to support consumer lifestyles Expand marketing base.

Today, we would like to introduce you to another method that can be used to pay for hotel accommodation with cryptocurrency,

There are over 2,000,000 hotels and accommodations around the world, no matter where you go when booking through this website. You can use crypto. In hotel payment which is interesting and responsive to the behavior Or the current lifestyle of people quite well.

And in addition to the aforementioned websites, There are also platforms that support cryptocurrency payments, such as Which is another option for merchants or business operators Who are interested in adding payment options for their own business.

ClassePay is different from other platforms that accept payments as other cryptocurrencies. Where merchants can choose to receive local currency or digital currency. For example, If the customer pays in crypto But the shop wants to get it in local currency (Fiat), the Kaze can convert it into baht for customers immediately, etc.

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