Top 5 Cryptocurrency in 2021

The most popular coins of each line in the cryptocurrency market to watch in 2021

Top Currency: Bitcoin (BTC)

Launched in early 2009 by pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the cryptocurrency surpassed $ 20,000 in the past few months, above the historical high from 2017, and Bitcoin has nearly doubled over the week at the beginning of the year 2021 

Bitcoin’s high price in 2020 is one of the most watchful of the year, and JPMorgan estimates that more than $ 600 billion could flow into Bitcoin by 2021. BTC could reach $ 100,000 at all. 

Top Infra: Ethereum (ETH)

Instead of decentralizing money, Ethereum’s goal is to decentralize the Internet, replacing servers with global node systems by creating ETH has a market capitalization of $ 139 billion, second only to Bitcoin in market share.

This means that Ethereum investors will not only profit from one of the most popular and profitable cryptocurrencies in the industry. But also for the use of the Ethereum network. The Ethereum network is also very popular as it can host other digital assets.

Top Exchange: Binance (BNB)

Estimated market capitalization: $ 5 billion
Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has launched its own currency to cut transaction costs. The coin became known as Binance Coin or BNB, and thanks to a huge discount for the use of BNB, Binance’s traditional coin has become a major player.

However, investors should view BNB as a secondary coin for transfers between currencies within Binance. That’s because BNB’s value depends on Binance’s ability to attract more users. In October, Forbes officials released a document claiming that Binance and its founders had created a complex organizational structure designed to deceive US regulators.

Top DEX: Pancake (CAKE)

It is gaining in popularity as No. 1 on the Binance Smart Chain network of exchanges. The advantage of Pancake swap is that its fees are very low compared to the Ethereum Chain.

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange for the BEP20 token exchange, based on Uniswap or SushiSwap, with a similar design. That means you can swap coins or deposit money into a pair as a liquidity pool just like Uniswap.

Additionally, there is a Governance Token called Cake. Cake can be obtained by taking LP coins deposited in Pancake Swap. Stake is similar to the uniswap system, and it offers quite good rewards. Other interesting features include taking Pancake to get Syrup and receiving Airdrop from various projects on Binance. Recently pancake swap has also released a lottery system that will be awarded every two hours.

Top Oracle: Band

BAND Protocol is a protocol for transmitting data across a Blockchain network, in other words, Real-world data is transmitted to Blockchain networks via Decentralized Oracle and connects data to Smart contracts for validation before data can be put into practice.

At this time, we are beginning to see more and more real use cases for Blockchain. Over the past 4–5 years, more and more people have become acquainted with Blockchain until it comes to Defi or decentralized finance. Which is becoming popular today.

What is Classe Token (CAS)?

CAS Token is used to pay through the payment gateway ClassePay application, which currently has many shops and restaurants in Thailand accepting cryptocurrency payments. Not only CAS but also accepting many other currencies in the market such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.
It is also possible to Stake CAS coins to receive rewards as well.

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