Pay with bitcoin. A Step by Step Guide

In the past, people could use Bitcoin to buy pizza or maybe even a cup of coffee, but today Bitcoin can give you so much more.

In this article, you will learn how to buy goods, services, food, or beverages with Bitcoin from anywhere.

Where can you pay with Bitcoin?

Currently, you can pay with Cryptocurrency Many shops While there are many retailers that do not directly accept cryptocurrency. But you can use the Bitcoin payment method at the store on
Using an online app is probably the most convenient way to pay. Because it’s a fast and widely accepted method.

ClassePay is a cryptocurrency payment system that accepts leading cryptocurrencies as payment and offers a seamless payment experience with a single mobile platform and a single integration based on blockchain technology.

Operation of ClassePay

  • ClassePay shows your payable balance.
  • You pay the balance in the exchange rate locked by ClassePay.
  • ClassePay converts payments to your local currency.
  • ClassePay initiates payments on merchant bank accounts within 3 minutes.

Step # 1 Create a Bitcoin wallet. 

The first step is to create a wallet. The ClassePay wallet is available for both iOS and Android or with a browser. Regardless of what kind of wallet service you choose. Always make sure that the service is free, secure, and compliant.

Step # 2 Transfer money to ClassePay wallet.

If you intend to pay for food or services with Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency. You can transfer from another wallet to or buy on various exchanges or buy at instantly with no fees.

Step # 3 make payment

Whether you use Cryptocurrency, any currency, the last step is to scan the QR code to pay for the convenience and speed of payment.

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