Create a very strong password

Whether you use an online wallet, crypto exchange, or email, the first thing you must do is create a strong password.

There are several techniques that you can use to create a truly complicated passphrase. All of them share some common ground:

  • The password should be long enough, that means not less than least 12 characters;
  • Include numbers, symbols, capital, and lower-case letters;
  • Avoid using dictionary words — make it as random as possible.

By following these three rules, you will be able to create a password that is nearly impossible to guess. It applies even to those hackers who use password-cracking techniques like brute-force attacks. That means a hacker will not be able to obtain your password using tools that guess all dictionary words, their combinations, and their most common variations.

You might be thinking, “How can I possibly remember such a password?”. Well, one way to do it is to think of a long sentence you will remember, and then modify it in a way only you can decipher it. For example, let’s think of a random sentence like: ”Tomorrow I will spend 250$ on food at the Supermarket and feed my family of 9”.

Just by remembering this phrase, you can create a variety of passwords that would fit the criteria. Let’s take the first characters of each word and include all symbols, numbers, and letters as they are: TIws250$ofatSafmfo9.

Our example includes 19 characters with numbers, symbols, and capital letters that do not include any dictionary words. It should suffice as a very strong password that is easy to remember. Of course, this is just an example, and you are free to create your own techniques.

Worth mentioning that all passwords you use should be different. Not all websites are as secure as they advertise, hence data leaks happen from time to time. If so, your password may end up in the wrong hands, and all your accounts will be compromised.

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