Cryptocurrency vs e-money: What’s the Difference?

E-money and digital currency, which the two types of money, although very close to each other. But there are differences.

We are now living in a digital world without borders with the proliferation of the Internet and the growth of Smart Phones and Tablets that have the potential for a wide variety of applications. As a result, financial technology (Financial Technology/Financial Innovation), also known as FinTech, has been developed exponentially as well. Especially payment innovation whether it is in the electronic money (e-Money/Digital Money) and the digital currency.


E-money that is used or circulated in electronic payment systems (Electronic Payment: e-Payment) has been developed to provide convenience. Effective And with better security, resulting in increasing popularity continuously. Like a cell phone Or money in the Internet network by electronic money / electronic wallet (e-Money / e-Wallet or sometimes called Digital money)

Digital currency

Or that may be familiar in the name of Cryptocurrency. Created by computer mechanisms and mathematics. By requiring that payments, transfers, and exchanges can only be made within the network, for example, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, etc. 

As mentioned above rapid technology change causing new financial innovations up a lot. But the problem is most people still lack enough knowledge and understanding of Digital Currency.

Therefore, we need to prepare both in terms of knowledge technology and information about cryptocurrency. In order to be able to make the most of financial innovation with the least possible risks. Due to the cashless society will happen soon. 


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