How to Staking on Classepay

What is Proof of Stake (PoS)?

It is an accord calculation having a similar work reason as PoW of accomplishing conveyed agreement   a framework giving motivating forces for approving individuals’ exchanges and keeping up honesty.

However, the best approach to arrive at this objective is very extraordinary. In PoS, the clients who approve exchanges and make new squares allude as forgers, and the squares are alluded as “produced” or “stamped”. The choice is done based on two components. How about we check every one of them.


1. Energy efficient:

PoS involves no mining process that consumes a lot of electricity.

2. No 51% attack:

It is an attack that includes a group of entities that control the maximum hashing power of a blockchain which is used for personal gains. In PoS, this attack is avoided because it an expensive process to accumulate 51% of the coin.

How to stake on Classe token (CAS) at application Classepay.

Staking on Classe token gets 2% per month on the website and mobile app

  1. Go to “wallet” on the Classepay app.
  2. Choose “Stake”, write the amount of token that you want to deposit. 
  3. Finally, press “confirm” 
  4. The deposit amount can be found on the Home page and wallet page.

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