How difference between Bank Payment Gateway and 3rd Party Payment Gateway?

Nowadays, no one would not know Payment Gateway, a convenient, secure, easy-to-use form of online payment.

There are various payment methods. This is the main factor of business in the digital world, factors that customers choose to use to purchase our products or services. Not only will he choose only the products that we sell but also looking at the payment methods that can be paid through is it convenient for them? 

By today’s online business There is a more widespread selection of payment gateways. Fees will vary. There are two forms of payment available: Bank Payment Gateway and 3rd Party Payment Gateway.

Bank Payment Gateway is an online payment system that is made through direct banking systems such as Kasikorn Bank’s etc. The advantage of this model is that it is reliable because payments are made via direct banks. But the downside is that the first time activation is difficult. Complicated with high initial activation costs.

3rd Party Payment Gateway is an online payment system through an intermediary that is a payment service provider such as Paypal, Omise, etc. and like Classepay that accepts payments in the form of digital coins or Cryptocurrency, is another new option suitable for small and medium businesses. The advantage of this format is that it is fairly easy to install. Both the business department and the customer department are convenient and fast.

Advantages of choosing a payment gateway 

On the business side

  • Easy to install, no complicated steps required. 
  • Immediate refund to customers when purchase orders go wrong It is more secure than normal payments. 
  • There will be a payment system to come without having to be a developer.
  • Just apply for the service Will be able to use the system When customers pay in No need to wait for customers to contact us to send a slip. 
  • The system can notify immediately that payment has been made. 

On the customer side 

  • There are various payment methods. 
  • Payment can be made via card, whether it is a debit card/credit card or cryptocurrencies. 
  • You don’t have to go out and transfer money through the bank. 
  •  In some cases, a fee may not be charged.

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